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At Steak and Co., we pride ourselves on providing quality, whether that’s in the food we serve, our restaurant venues or the level of service from our employees. This is rooted in our philosophy that, in turn, allows us to be truly proud of every part that makes up Steak & Co.
Our logo really is our seal of approval. This can be seen throughout our venues- etched into the nuts and bolts, stamped on our butter lids, and even our training manuals boasting them could be compared to works of art.

As a steak house, it only made sense to look into the perfect pairing – a high quality red wine.  
Alma Cercius, a small winery with vineyards in three villages in the Languedoc Region of Southern France, has done just that. Specially producing a Shiraz liquid with Steak and Co. in mind, with berries cultivated in the Mediterranean breeze from the south coast, and vines thriving in the perfect draining environment of smooth pebbles. Alma Cercius has such a level of expertise and precision that every decision made is a stamp of pride throughout production. Even tasting the berries right there amongst the vines allows Alma Cercius to determine the optimum harvest date at full ripeness for each variety. 

This attention to detail allows the winery to have great pride in their wine. They are a vineyard with a philosophy, each wine tells a story and is created to illustrate a specific moment in life. We believe the Steak and Co. Shiraz resonates its story perfectly – to share a moment of pleasure, in all circumstances. There couldn’t be a more true and real moment to fit with our own philosophy here at Steak and Co., and that’s why we’re proud to have it as our own label. Boasting our Steak and Co. seal of approval. We’re always happy to hear the question, “What would you recommend?”, but our logo on the label says it all.

850 hectares of pebbles. This soil has the particularity of being warm and draining, it reflects heat and light, thus encouraging full ripeness of the grapes.

If you’re looking for a rich and full-bodied red with flavours of black currant, brambles, herbs and spices, then this is the perfect choice for you. This Shiraz is one full of passion and emotion flaunting seductive aromas with notes of violet and kirsch. 

The winds also play a major role in the vineyard and the typicity of the grapes. The sea wind coming from the Mediterranean Sea is often accompanied by the Cers. This cold, dry and bracing wind has its origins in the Pyrenean reliefs and blows towards the Gulf of Lion. Coming from inland, its powerful breath cleanses and enriches the vine stocks and grapes for optimum ripeness.

The Steak and Co. Shiraz pairs perfectly with not only our red meat steaks but works perfectly at home with cold meats and pâté. With the popularity of this label, it can be found in both our restaurants and our online shop.

So whether you want to share a moment of pleasure with us here at any of our London restaurants or with friends and family at home, the Steak and Co. Shiraz is the perfect accompaniment.

Union of the  3 Villages
Cers, Villeneuve and Portiragnes
cellars joined forces

Steak & Co Shiraz the perfect gift


Wine spotlight: Steak and Co Shiraz
Bottle Shot – LWC Design Team
Photographs provided by Winery Steak & Co Shiraz – Steak & Co.’s seal of approval

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