Steak & Co visits Windsor & Eton Brewery.

Well, if the beer is good enough for The Queen…..
Multiple awards for the hard and tireless work for quality and perfection. Here is the proof.
Master brewer paddy has over 3 decades of beer brewing under is belt, here is just some of his achievements for Windsor and Eton Brewery
Team Steak & Co are being run through all the quality ingredients. All their hop being harvested from Royal Estates
Heavy loads of Malt being loaded in the mash tun. Trust me, hard work!
Willy and co are showing us how they make their incredible Republika Lager that we proudly serve in Steak & Co.
This pilsner style beer is a winner of 10 major awards & is Paddy’s masterpiece.
We like paddy.

Temperatures are controlled here to a precise 66.5’C.
Spent malt all goes to feed their cattle. No waste here.
The heavenly smell of hops in the boiling kettle.
Will talking through the process and controls of the fermentation process. Plenty of science here. Phew!
The rigorous quality controls being explained to us. Demanding work to the highest standards.
Checks are made daily 365 days a year. Will himself comes in on Christmas Day to carry out the checks and controls himself. Dedication!
Now, we wait! Fermentation process goes for 7 weeks.
Excellent cleaning standards, modern equipment with traditional brewing methods . Top-quality.
You just want one! Don’t you?

Charlie here taking us to one of their pubs for a fresh rewarding crisp Windsor & Eton Brewery pint.


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