No.1 Living Kombucha

Our journey started with one man, Jonny Wilkinson, his experiences and a will to share with people a way to start living from the inside out.  No.1 Living is about putting our own wellbeing first.  It’s the focus on the potential inside each and every 1 of us to feel more balanced and in control of how we choose to live our lives.  What we eat and drink has a profound effect upon the way our minds and our bodies work. So, when we improve the quality of what we put in, we automatically reveal more of what we’re capable of.  

Founded by Jonny Wilkinson, No.1 Living® ( is an innovative brand that puts health and wellbeing first and is committed to making a living diet accessible for everyone. 

The authentic way that the No.1 Living® organic Kombucha range is brewed creates delicious naturally sparkling drinks with a subtle tang. It is this process that also produces beneficial bacteria, probiotics, acetic acids and antioxidants, all of which are claimed to be excellent for gut and mental health and all-round wellbeing.

Served cold, No.1 Living® organic kombuchas can be consumed at any time of the day and are ideal for those who don’t want to consume soft drinks loaded with sugar or artificial sweeteners. Every bottle of No.1 Living® kombucha has under 50 calories and is below the sugar levy. It is also certified organic, dairy and gluten free and suitable for vegans.

No.1 Living® is a brand that has a clear respect for nature and strives for a sustainable future and is packaged simply in recycled and recyclable brown glass. 

No.1 Living Raspberry Kombucha with Pomegranate

No.1 Living® Raspberry with Pomegranate is a mouth-watering blend of juicy red raspberries and crisp pomegranate flavours creating a delicately sweet kombucha, that is great to drink to sip any time of the day.

No.1 Living Passion Fruit Kombucha with Goji

Tropical passion fruit blends with rich goji for a deliciously refreshing and energising kombucha, that is ideal to compliment any meal, any time of the day. 

BBC Good Food in their ‘Best Kombucha Guide 2019’ rates us as one of the best Kombucha’s of 2019!

As recommended by Oz Clarke.


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